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1. Trastuzumab plus anastrozole versus anastrozole alone for the treatment of postmenopausal women with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive, hormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer: results from the randomized phase III TAnDEM study. Kaufman B, Mackey JR, Clemens MR, Bapsy PP, Vaid A, Wardley A, Tjulandin S, Jahn M, Lehle M, Feyereislova A, RĂ©vil C, Jones A. J Clin Oncol. 2009 Nov 20;27(33):5529-37. doi: 10.1200 / JCO.2008.20.6847. Epub 2009 Sep 28.

2. C1-05, Oral Talactoferrin extends survival in patients with refractory NSCLC in a randomized, placebo- controlled, phase-2 trial. Purvish M. Parikh, Yenyun Wang, AA Ranade, A K Vaid, et al. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Volume 2, Issue 8, Supplement, August 2007, Page S360.

3. Purvish M. Parikh, Ashok Vaid, Suresh H. Advani, et al. Protocol LF-0206- A Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, phase II study of single-agent oral talactoferrin in patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small- cell lung cancer that progressed after chemotherapy (NSCLC). Journal of Clinical Oncology 29, No.31 (November 2011) :4129-4136. Epub 2011 Oct 3.

4. Clinical and epidemiological study of EGFR mutations and EML4-ALK fusion genes among Indian patients with adenocarcinoma of the lung. Doval D, Prabhash K, Chaturvedi H, Goswami C, Vaid A, et al. OncoTargets Ther. 2015 Jan 5; 8:117-23.

5. Demographic and epidemiological characteristic of EGFR mutation and ALK gene rearrangement among Indian patients with lung adenocarcinoma. (Topic: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Metastatic Cancer Aetiology, Epidemiology, Prevention Pathology/Molecular Biology). D C Doval, K. Prabhash, S. Patil, H Chaturvedi, C Goswami, A K Vaid, et al. Annals of Oncology (2014) 25 (suppl_4): iv426-iv470, 10.1093/annonc/mdu349.

6. EGFR testing scenario across 111 centres in India: A questionnaire-based survey. Kumar Prabhash, Purvish M. Parikh, Ashok K. Vaid, et al. Journal of Clinical Oncology 35, No.15_suppl.

7. Patterns of EGFR testing for lung cancer among tertiary care centres in India. Kumar Prabhash, Purvish M. Parikh, Ashok K. Vaid, et al. Journal of Clinical Oncology 33, No.15_suppl.

8. EGFR inhibitor Gefitinib in advanced pretreated non-small cell lung cancer patients: Experience from a centre in north India. V Talwar, A K Vaid, D C Doval, et al. Journal of Clinical Oncology, official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2006.

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