Research, Workshops for Knowledge Sharing

We have been actively involved in organizing various seminars, workshops and conferences throughout the country including the prestigious:

A) 1st Indian Cancer Congress 2013 at Delhi from 20 th - 24 th November, 2013.
B)9 th SFO-2014 (International Conference of SAARC Federation of Oncologists) from 28 th - 30 th November, 2014.
C) AGOICON-2016 - “The Silver Jubilee Conference” of Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India, from 2 nd to 4 th December, 2016.
D) (BTG 2017) Bridging The Gap - 2017, Satellite Meeting, from 10 th to 11 th January, 2017
E) 37 th ICON Conference from 15 th to 17 th September, 2017.
F) Evolving landscape of Relapsed Refractory Myeloma” on 22nd November, 2017.
G) NOVVA Connect for sharing and imparting the latest knowledge and scientific update on Novel Trends & formulations in the breast cancer on 4th April 18.

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